Book Review: The Pulp Mindset; A Newpub Survival Mindset

Useful But Repetitive

October 28, 2020

This book is about something worth noticing as the access to writing and publishing has broadened. There are healthy and helpful tips for writing and about writing learned from reading the Pulps of the past - and as someone that hasn’t read much of them and slowly breaking that particular seal I cannot agree more. However, reading the book feels more like what my own essays in high school felt like with repetition spread around and re-wordings of the same ideas.

That isn’t to say don’t purchase or read it; I think you should just because there is some good history here. The author’s knowledge about such topics as the speech Mutation or Death was quite a surprise and the relationship between Old Pub and New Pub is a meaningful distinction that Cowan does well. Personally, I think he’s overselling it as there is enough poor writing on display via Amazon Unlimited or niches such as LitRPG where the divide between practiced writers or amateurs shows up from the first page.

All in all, spend the money but get it in digital.