Game Review: Ethereal Estate

Make a Mess With a Fried.

September 7, 2021

Game Header Image

As an Ethereal Estate agent, your job is to make a mess out of a mansion and its helpless inhabitants. Never before has a ghost unleashed such devastating chaos… until now!

I had quite a bit of fun with this game. While working on a Data Science project to try and make predictions on “What Genre Is this Game Based on it’s Header Image?” I stumbled across this weird little game trying to solve an error. Looking through the sample set of games, Ethereal Estate pops out among all the other DLC headers and who knows what else these other images are supposed to inspire. The game is free and you play as a ghost - along with maybe your friend - to terrorize, ruin and throw everything within reach around: like a proper ghost should!

Anyways, the trailer is simple but hilarious so good work Emergence Studio for getting my attention and pulling me in. Your ghost experience is a shopping list of mayhem courtesy of the designer where you cross all kinds of lines: lighting things on fire, throwing people through windows, ramming things with swords, stuff people in closets, poisoning food, breaking records, bringing your victoms back to murder them again, etc. The game is surprising smooth and simple - and fun. My friend and I found the list a bit unclear while roaming around throwing people through windows; my favorite activity in the whole game. I just hope there are more levels coming since there is only the one and we cleared it without too much trouble. Maybe a more traditional graveyard?