Challenges for The Year: 2022 Edition

Public Record For Accountability

December 8, 2021

Read 50 Books

I’m lowering the number back to 50 books even though 100 books is still the larger goal. The real reason is I need to find a way to fit reading back into my schedule. With so many projects, I will be shifting to audiobooks which is depressing since I read faster than I can process audiobooks. I do have a trick for this: listen to ebooks via the Kindle Store in a Web Browser. This is probably a good enough place to explain how this works.

Install an extension for your Web Browswer which does Text-To-Speech - such as Read Aloud. Honestly, finding a quaility Text-to-Speech reader and paying for the extension is a better idea than free; the lack of intonation from the extension I am using makes listening much harder. Concentrating is harder compared to a professionally done book from Audible. Go to Your Online Kindle Library and find a book to listen to. Open the book up and then hit the play button inside your Text-To-Speech extension. You will need to adjust the speed, voice, volume and location when you hit play per new book for tuning. But, this is a good way to fit more average fiction reading into your day.

Putting this in the background of the first half of my work shift sounds correct. Since I am not usually interacting with people then it should be an easy way to get 2-3 hours of “reading” done each day. Let the challenge begin.

Have Three Streams of Income

We’re moving from planning to application with this one.

Primary “9-5” Job.

Obviously, my job is the primary source of income - and I have no real interest in changing that. Working Technicaly Support is usually an awful experience since you’re dealing with End Users which have no real understanding of technology nor how their behaviors make little sense. However, where I work I am dealing with people that at least have some background in technology so having conversations with them is usually much less painful than End Users. Since my role is also on Overnights, this significantly limits the interactions with the kinds of people who constantly cause problems for themselves - and therefore me.


I’m going to take a serious attempt at making money on Content Creation sites like Youtube, Twitch and TikTok. The competition here is enormous and this is not the kind of job I admit I’m naturally good at but it fits well into my life. I play games with my friends and coworkers consistenly enough that these can be put online without too much trouble. Getting people to watch or care about the content is a totally different problem. Doing the research that I have so far, we’re really going to have to lean on Personality quite a bit otherwise this simply wont work. Due to being on Linux, there really is nothing but Splitgate which I can play competitively and stream. And looking at the numbers, Splitgate is struggling both as a streamed game as well as keeping an audiance of players: Splitgate Numbers Splitgate Twitch Numbers

So, maybe I could try and niche with Splitgate but I would be concerned with getting locked into playing a game struggling to grow. To start though, I will need: 1. To become Affiliate on Twitch. 2. Get better at tags on Youtube. 3. To start posting shorts to Tik Tok.

Web Design

This is the least fun option but I’m capable of this. I have found a set of frameworks and a niche that I can work in without getting too far dragged into the larger frameworks: Single Page Websites. As I expand my ability to use tools such as Blender, Inkscape then I can push into more artistic and aesthetic styles instead of the more normal Single Page Sites. Not much else to say aside from if this works out then expect a Portfolio coming soon.

Logo Design

Between slowly expanding Blender skills and working on my drawing skills, this would be something fun that I could doodle designs and then try to sell to others. There is quite a bit about communicating concepts artistically along with a good amount of Color Theory to learn before I can do this.

New Job Title

This year is the real year that matters though for my job; I have a patent pending for the company and this should be year I get the nay/yay for whether it goes through. No matter how that goes, I’m pushing for an Analytics Job either inside or outside the company. I am familiar enough and competent enough to be doing this as a real job and I am well bored of doing Technical Support. It also is not a real future for me; there is no where to go that I want to be. So, if by six months in I don’t see any progress here then I’m going to start applying for part time Analytics jobs to build experience and push into a new career.

36 Blog Posts For the Year.

I have been spending a good amount of time reading Medium posts and articles by others this year. And, my expectations are far too high and totally unnecessary. While in college, I learned about one of the books that significanly changed my expecations about writing: The Elements of Style by Strunk and White. The book emphasis is always on Omit Needless Words and I extended that to all of my writing since then: write only what needs to be said. While a good guide, this is now preventing me from writing at all. If someone else has said it then I am not writing about it; if someone hasn’t written about it then I am not confident in writing about it. I know enough and am learning enough to write content to clarify my thoughts for myself and others. So, three posts per month on anything I feel like: Game Design, Data Science, etc

Make the Secret Project Public

By the end of the year, there will be public posts about this project. Watch for a reveal in the future.