Game Review: Eraser

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January 6, 2022

Eraser Header Image

Throw your stick-figure-self at cannonballs and airplanes in an upward pursuit of the eraser! Play cooperatively online to share the journey! Who’s to say whether the company will help or hinder, though…

Recently, I was looking for some simple and free games to enjoy and ran across this little gem. Eraser by Ringating feels like playing a Platformer from the 90s but with the Visuals and Game Design philosophy of now. Let me explain.

First off, there is no such thing as death in this game. You simply cannot die and there is no real punishment for making a mistake. The worst that happens is that you have to start all over or fall a little ways down and have to regain ground again. You might be thinking they’re the same because if you died in platformers from before then you’d also have to start all over; They all had a checkpoint system where if you had lives and you died then you could start from the checkpoint again. Games like Spyro have the faeries which record your position after all. But, this game has no hard Start Over Because You Died like those games do. Sure, you could incidentilly fall all the way down - I certainly did more times than I’d like to admit - but there is no hard lose condition. You keep playing as long as you’re willing to and sometimes you fall and have to start part of it again. Somewhere along the way, the levels make it harder to fall to to the beginning so there isn’t even really a checkpoint system as much as the design makes it harder to return to the beginning.

The game itself is just smooth to play. The musical theme of simple classical fits nicely with the theme of the game of being a simple stick figure in a simple world full of simple enemies and obstacles. I’d definitely recommend picking it up and playing it for a few minutes when you don’t have a lot of time to commit to something else - and it’s free on Steam!